Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day everyone!!

I had a pretty good valentine's day. Mike got me this beautiful necklace. It has a purple stone inside a silver heart. It is gorgeous. He tried to be cute about giving it to me too. He at first said he forgot to get me one adn said he'd take me out to dinner to make up for it. So we went to this cute local Italian restaurant (which the wait to get seated for was really long). Then while we were waiting for the check he started throwing the napkins at me playing around. But one of them ended up having the necklace box in it so when he threw it at me the box rolled out of the napkin and into my hands!! He's so cute!!

We didn't get out of the restaurant until almost ten o'clock though since it was such a long wait and we also had to wait until 7:30ish till we could go to eat because we were tutoring kids before hand.

But it was a pretty good day. Although, it turned sucky really fast when I got the news that my friend with bain cancer passed away today. This world lost an amazing young man. Facebook was covered in messages to remember him.

Rest in Peace, Derrick.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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